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Applicant agrees to conduct this transaction by electronic means. The Applicant understands that by clicking "Submit Application", the applicant is agreeing to conduct an electronic transaction and agrees to use and receive any communications from the real estate company named above ("Management") through electronic means. The Applicant agrees to enter the requested information electronically via the use of the Internet, and to be notified regarding this application electronically through the email address the Applicant provides. The Applicant understands that this electronically submitted document has the same legal effect as hard copies, with ink signatures. The Applicant also agrees that they may refuse to conduct this and other electronic transactions in the future.

Management and the State of Illinois prohibit discrimination in housing. The foregoing information is supplied to Management in order to induce him/her/it to rent to me and such information is true and correct in all respects, and I hereby authorize whatever credit, employment, residency and income investigation that Management considers appropriate. Management's tenant selection criteria includes a review of Applicant's verifiable monthly income, employment history, criminal history, residential history, credit score and credit history.

Pre-screening criteria -- Applicant must earn verifiable monthly income of at least three times the amount of the monthly rent and possess a satisfactory credit score (generally 650+) with a credit history free of any recent substantial or outstanding debts. Evidence of any eviction proceedings against applicant or a poor landlord reference within the past two (2) years may be grounds for denial. A collection action against Applicant may also be grounds for denial. If Applicant does not meet this criteria, Applicant may require a guarantor and/or additional review of financial documentation.

If Applicant meets the above pre-screening criteria, Management may conduct a criminal background check. If Management processes Applicant's criminal background check, Management may review Applicant's criminal history for the past three (3) years and Management may deny Applicant housing if Applicant's criminal conviction history poses a demonstrable risk to personal safety or property unless Applicant is required to register as current sex offender under the Sex Registration Act (or other similar law); or a current child sex offender residency restriction exists for Applicant. If Management desires to deny an application for housing based on Applicant's criminal conviction history, Applicant shall be provided a copy of the criminal report and shall be afforded the opportunity to dispute the accuracy and relevance of the convictions.

Your rights after a criminal background check -- Section 42-38 of the Cook County Code of Ordinances gives you the right to dispute the accuracy and relevance of any conviction shown in a criminal background search and to provide mitigating information, including evidence of rehabilitation. Before an owner may deny admission or continued occupancy on the basis of a conviction, the owner must first give the individual sufficient notice and an opportunity to dispute the accuracy and relevance of the conviction.

• Within five (5) days of obtaining a background check on an applicant, the housing provider must deliver a copy of the background check to the applicant. The housing provider must complete delivery in one of the following ways: (1) in person, (2) by certified mail, or (3) by electronic communication(e.g., text, email).
• Once a housing provider completes delivery, the applicant shall have an additional five (5) business days to produce evidence that disputes the accuracy or relevance of information related to any criminal convictions from the last three (3) years. Information is relevant if it affects the likelihood that the applicant poses a demonstrable risk to the personal safety and/or property of others. “Demonstrable risk” refers to the likelihood of harm to other residents’ personal safety and/or likelihood of serious damage to property. When the applicant is a person with a disability, “demonstrable risk” must be based on (a) objective evidence and (b) a conclusion that any purported risk cannot be reduced or
eliminated by a reasonable accommodation.
• A housing provider must either approve or deny an individual’s housing application within three (3) business days of receipt of information from the applicant disputing or rebutting the information contained in the criminal background check.
• Any denial of admission or continued occupancy based on a conviction must be in writing and must provide the applicant an explanation of why denial based on criminal conviction is necessary to protect against a demonstrable risk of harm to personal safety and/or property.
• The written denial must also contain a statement informing the housing applicant of their right to file a complaint with the Commission.

Additional information and procedural rules may be obtained from the Cook County Commission on Human Rights: The Commission may also be contacted at their office, located at 69 W. Washington Street, Suite 3040 Chicago, IL 60602, or via telephone at 312-603-1100.I am aware the application fee specified above is non-refundable.

I fully understand that this application for residential occupancy agreement is taken subject to the approval of Management and is also subject to the availability of the subject premises. If any information contained herein is found to be false, I hereby agree that any lease made with me may be terminated at any time. Should this application be accepted by Management, I agree to execute a written lease in the form prepared by Management prior to occupancy of the premises and I agree to be bound by its terms and all of the rules and regulations contained therein. I further understand that Management reserves the right to reject this application at any time before the lease has been signed by an officer of Management.

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